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CBD for Fitness

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CBD for Anxiety & Stress

Learn how health conscious people are using natural alternatives likes CBD to manage anxiety and stress. Read more...


Find relief from stress, pain, migraines, insomnia and other inflammatory conditions with our orally administered full spectrum CBD hemp oil tincture products, bottled in a variety of concentrations to suit your personal needs (sources: Journal of Experimental Medicine & Neurotherapeutics).


Our CBD tinctures come with a convenient dropper to place the appropriate dosage under your tongue or into a beverage for oral consumption.

the industry's highest certification for purity and potency

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil & Tinctures

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Explore our topically administered pure CBD oil for pain to enjoy relief precisely at the source of the discomfort. By reducing inflammation and renewing cells, CBD hemp oil has been shown to relieve body aches (source: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine).


Our balms, roll-on sticks and roller products are popular among athletes, active adults and those suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis.

a proprietary blend of full spectrum CBD, Chinese pain liniment and pure essential oils

Topical Pain Relief

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Help your canine and feline family get better sleep and reduce anxiety, pain vomiting and seizures (source: Cornell University) through our all-natural CBD tincture for dogs, cats and other pets. For a more mouth-watering experience, try our handcrafted line of pumpkin peanut butter CBD dog treats.

for you pets, farm or rescue

Pet CBD Oil & Dog Treats


Nourish your skin and find relief through one of our small batch bath and body products made with our full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, essential oils and other all-natural ingredients. From bath salts and bombs to wrinkle creams and serums to body butters and soaps, our cosmetic line is designed to utilize the healing potential of cannabidiol to assist in sleep, pain relief and skin recovery (source: University of Debrecen).

all natural ingredients

CBD Cosmetics for Bath & Body

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The pain roller arrived last night. This is my first pain free morning in two months.


Not only have I not felt as anxious but my back pain is either non existent or very low since I’ve been using your tincture. You have been so kind and answered all one hundred of my questions. Thank you so much! I’ve already referred a couple people your way!


You have enlightened me beyond my wildest dreams. I'm so happy with my new product. Thank you!

The CBD hemp oils are amazing. I rub the topical oil directly on sore muscles & it gives almost instant relief, and for bad sinus or migraine headaches, rubbing it on my temples & above my eyebrows works like a charm! I've been using ingestible drops INSTEAD of Rx & OTC sleep aids as well. They work WAY better and with fewer side effects! Quick shipping too! I'll definitely be ordering again soon! Thanks!


The pain balm and roller relieve neck pain that I've been battling for years.



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