About Us

We are a local, woman-owned, hemp processor and make all products in our workshop in St. Charles, IL. (reg. IL Dept of Agriculture). We pride ourselves on using and producing high quality, small batch and ethically sourced raw and finished products.


Our bulk CBD hemp oil is sourced from a US Hemp Authority certified farm and processor. This certification ensures you are getting the industry's very best in purity, potency, and transparency.

We primarily sell wholesale to wellness centers and other conscious small businesses, but we also sell retail here, on our website and pop up at special events throughout the country (but mostly in Northern Illinois). Find us.

Who is CryBaby?

Our owner, Cheryl "CryBaby" Cryer, was tired of poor results and awful side effects from pharmaceuticals. She initially found CBD to help with insomnia but continued on an all natural wellness path, immersed herself in learning everything she could on natural healing and was completely off all prescription medications within two years. 


She and her husband, Brad, live in St. Charles, IL. She loves all things on roller skates!


Cheryl has an MBA, 20+ years in leadership roles for large, global companies, and 10+ years teaching college-level business coursework. Connect with her professionally on LinkedIn

Fat Sam

Fat Sam and Kody, Cheryl's beloved dogs of 15+ years recently passed - but their final years were significantly improved by the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits of CBD. The resident testers of all things pumpkin and peanut butter, Fat Sam's face will be forever remembered through the line up of CBD oils and treats specially formulated  for cats and dogs.

Both Fat Sam and Kody were rescue dogs - and Cheryl continues that passion through donating products to help dogs and cats during their difficult times in foster care.  


Jessica has been helping small businesses grow for more than 15 years and we are thrilled to have her on our team. She's been with us for over a year, is well versed around the workshop, but is also an amazingly kind, helpful and knowledgeable point of contact at our pop up markets. Jessica loves helping other people and knows a lot about natural pet care too! 

Her other interests include being musical and creative, but also loves immersing herself in a great movie or story.  


Andrea is newer to the team, and we are so grateful she joined us this past spring. We love her natural curiosity, initiative and drive - you will too! You can find her at our pop up markets educating and helping people on the best CBD products for their family and loved ones. 

Her other interests include her hot rod Camero "Big Bertha", lifting weights and caring for her pet rabbit, Totoro.  

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