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Everything you love about our super nourishing CBD soap - and a nod to our love, roller skating.


The best soap ever. Made with all natural ingredients and so luxurious. 50mg full spectrum CBD hemp oil, pure essential oils and other natural ingredients in goat's milk or oatmeal soap base.


  • Happy Day (CBD, grapefruit, pink Himalyan salt)
  • Pain Relief (CBD, liniment, arnica, rosemary, cinnamon, peppermint, rosemary)
  • Best Sleep Ever (CBD, lavender, chamomile, sandalwood)
  • Calm & Soothe (CBD, raw hemp honey, oatmeal, bergamot, frankincense, sandalwood, chamomile)
  • Breathe (CBD, Eucalyptus)
  • Clarify (CBD, Peppermint, Activated Charcoal)

Wheel Soap