When life gets stressful, exercise your creative side

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CryBaby CBD's Jessica Coy helps us step outside of our thinking mind to feel great.

Step outside of ego

When life gets stressful, I have a tendency to be way too left-brained for my own good. I spend too much time being over intellectual and over analyzing situations. I have to remind myself that I need to step outside the box of ego-based thinking patterns and exercise my creative side.

Express your inner artist

When life gets tough, I get crafty. Expressing my inner artist urges me to have some fun. Doing artsy things helps inspire me. It eases my mind and helps me concentrate on the positive. And, it doesn’t matter what I do or how well I do it. Sometimes I color, paint, crochet, make jewelry, sing, or dance around my house.

Let your creative side flow

It just matters that I am able to express my artistic soul and put myself back into the habit of good feeling and healthy thinking. So when life gets stressful, pick up a crayon or a paintbrush and let your creative side flow.

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