Stress will always be a part of life, it’s how we deal with it that matters.

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CryBaby CBD's Andrea Elmihi shares her self-care strategies when times get tough.

Find What You Enjoy and Use It To Your Advantage

I personally am a jack of all trades and most definitely a master of none of them! So how I like to take a step back from the stress is to get crafty. Let the creation flow whether it turns out as expected or not! Just. Have. Fun!

Music, Podcasts and Videos

For a more relaxing time I watch/listen to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos on YouTube. It’s the tingle you feel on your face that spreads through the body and feels oh so good! This is for sure a trial and error activity. Not every “trigger” works for everyone, some find oddity where others find serenity with it. Otherwise try and listen to podcasts and or music like I do as well. True crime and history podcasts are my favorite and get me through my work days.

Keep Active

Now, to keep active I powerlift with my team, physical therapy if you wish. It's basically like going to therapy multiple times a week but you get to pick up and drop heavy stuff.

Then if I’m not to beat up or tired from the work week or the gym I can always count on my dear friend Evan to put me to work! He’s adventurous and finds the most amazing scenic routes to walk and explore that we call “day trips”.


Saturday’s are our days! We pick a town(s) surroundings where we each live then map out our route making sure we pass fun and beautiful things to take lovely pictures on Polaroids and funny videos on our phones for memories. My feet may be beat by the end of the day but my heart and soul is positively full. 

Consistency Counts - Keep It Up!

Once I feel I’ve temporarily disconnected myself for long enough I then will take on my stressers slowly and steadily one by one with a newly found level head.


Some things work for others that you’ll feel won’t work for you. Which is fine! Trial and error, what counts is consistency.

Stay active, get creative, keep in touch with the good friends and family in your life, and take things one step at a time.

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